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Asalamu Alaykum (greetings of peace). My name is Aisha, most of you know me as Umm Musab (mother of Musab). I am a wife and a mama of 4. I love being a homeschooling mama, my kids are my drive and passion. Bringing up my children with good proper etiquettes, and proper upbringing and teaching them to be a contributing part of society is what I love doing most. 

My family's health journey started after I gave birth to my third child. She was hospitalized at few days old due to some health issues. I noticed that medications that were being prescribed from doctors always had a list of side effects and that always made me worried.

I started looking into medicine that was used during the Prophet Muhammad's (peace and blessings be upon him) era and herbs that were used as medicine such as honey, black seed, ginger, etc. This led me to dive deeper into natural medicine that grew on land and sea. I finally came to learn about sea moss and all of its benefits and started using it after I gave birth to my fourth child.

However after personally researching, I realized that finding authentic wild crafted sea moss was very difficult to find. After initially buying my first few purchases of pool grown Sea Moss, I didn't see much change, but after months of searching I finally found Wild Crafted sea moss. I was amazed at the amount of benefits it gave me just after the first use, from joint free pain (which always happens to me after every birth), to the  boost of energy I gained every morning. 

Since finding authentic sea moss is so hard to find, I decided to be a source that others can find that same level of authenticity that I sought and started my sea moss business. It has been such an amazing journey with so many loving people supporting me every step of the way. 

I truly appreciate all your support and I am very humbled by it. No amount of thanks can show my gratitude to all of you. 


- Aisha (Umm Musab)


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